Jan 3, 2023

What sets the IntuBlade device apart from others?


One of the IntuBlade's most notable features is its revolutionary spray function, which allows the operator to rapidly and cleanly clear the lens during intubations. This is an important part of the intubation procedure because it allows the user to keep a good view of the airway, making it simpler to identify the vocal chords and place the endotracheal tube effectively. 

  • Aside from the spray function, the IntuBlade is also budget-friendly. It has disposable handles, which reduces the cost of operation significantly as compared to typical laryngoscopes that require costly blade replacements. As a result, the IntuBlade is a cost-effective alternative for hospitals and clinics of all sizes. 

  • Another noteworthy feature of the IntuBlade is its ability to easily record video. This is a useful tool for training and documentation since it allows the user to evaluate and analyze their intubation performance.

  • Finally, IntuBlade was designed with the user in mind. It's ergonomically designed and features a user-friendly interface for quick and easy use. 

IntuBlade is a revolutionary medical device that offers several benefits to clincians. Its unique spray action and disposable handles make it a cost-effective and efficient option, and its ability to record video adds an extra layer of value. The IntuBlade, we feel, will be a valuable addition to any healthcare facility.